AU: Zayn starts dating Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Harry, trying to be friendly, makes a joke on twitter that Tiffany did not find amusing at all. Zayn is upset that his best friend and girlfriend can’t get along, but that doesn’t stop Harry and Tiffany from hating on each other. Harry takes the whole situation as a joke but Tiffany ain’t playin around.


Anonymous asked:

Is not this music, is the title Riptide.

skylikethat answered:

LOL it’s definitely not Riptide, and is definitely Mary Lambert’s song Secrets.

SO you have some choices

a) Harry’s tweets mean nothing

b) he actually is afraid of the dark and of dentists and so this song was just so amazingly personal to him because of that, that he tweeted it

c) actually the rest of the song means something to him and you can learn from that

d) you can become afraid this means something to him and what this might mean overall and freak out and spam people’s inboxes with various other songs this could be, various other meanings this could hold, insisting at the same time it means absolutely nothing, without questioning which this makes you freak out like this, because it’s just a song, right???? it means nothing, right??? larry shippers be crazy, am I right????

e) count the ants on the trashcan